Sunshine On Your Shoulder
A safe space to be heard ~ I hear you ~ I am here for you 

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I am Your Safe Space ~ A Place for You to be Heard
At the end of my 21 year relationship, and well into my high conflict divorce, I realized I had spent my childhood and adult life feeling like the voice of my soul was not being heard. This left me (a divorced, single parent of 5 children) feeling completely invalidated. I had lost my voice and felt as if I no longer mattered. I no longer remembered what it felt like to listen to myself or be listened to by another. I had to learn to listen and trust my own inner voice in order to live the life I truly wanted.

I believe having a safe, non judgmental, non condemning space to express and process ones thoughts, feelings and lives is crucial to a happy, fulfilled life.

Sunshine On Your Shoulder provides that safe space. Here, I am more than excited to hear your stories,  listen to your thoughts and feelings, assist with the processing of them and celebrate, with you, all your soul needs to say. Here, you will be heard.

No judgement, no condemnation, no fixing. Just listening so you can process your feelings and be heard. I want to hear your story. I believe in you.  
~ I hear you and
I am here for you ~